Update: Now accepting session requests for in person play with those who are healthy, have had limited exposure to others in the past 2 weeks, are not exhibiting COVID19 symptoms and have been incorporating health precautions into their routines. Each activity request will be assessed for risks and negotiated accordingly. For those who are new to me, I may request to get to know you online first.

Booking Form
Please refer to the calendar & directions beneath form
Requests for same day appointments may incur an additional fee 

Name: Please use the name that you have used with past providers.

Phone: I will not contact you by phone. Submit the number that has been used to arrange past sessions.

Email: I will communicate via email to arrange our time together.

References: I require 1-3 references from the most recent providers you have seen. Please provide their name, website and preferred method of contact upon confirmation that they will provide a reference on your behalf.

-If this is your first time, please indicate so and do as much research as possible beginning with this article. You may also book me for a call or coffee date to answer your questions, ease concerns and discuss safety.

-References from escorts, ProDommes, FBSM providers etc are accepted.

Interests: It is important for you to share at least 3 BDSM activities or interests. "None" or "slave" are not acceptable answers. Please refer to My interests or a list of BDSM activities.

Boundaries: Please list all mental and physical boundaries. If you claim to have none, I choose to not play with you.

Medical Conditions: It is necessary for Me to be aware of any medical conditions, injury or illness that you are experiencing to make your play as safe as possible. Examples: high blood pressure, Sore knee, shoulder numbness, anxiety, fainting, heart conditions, prescriptions etc.



Unless otherwise negotiated, most dungeon sessions will take place at Nightshade Sanctuary located in The Mission district of San Francisco, CA

Other locations may require additional tribute to account for dungeon rental, travel, transporting equipment etc.

Overnight sessions are at the discretion of Mistress Ophelia & Mistress Lillian and are available to those who've proven themselves to Us in person prior to arrangement


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