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Your time spent with me is a safe space to discuss and consensually explore yourself or the self that you are striving to be. Please read the items below. I will gladly offer clarification if needed.

  • I require respect in communication, actions and for my time 

  • You will address me as Mistress Ophelia or Goddess Ophelia, and nothing else 

  • I will respond to approximately 1-3 succinct emails to arrange a session. I am not available for lengthy messages outside of session and do not take phone calls except through Niteflirt or Sextpanther

  • There will be no sex and you are not welcome to ask

  • Deposits and references are required to book sessions

  • You will communicate any mental or physical health risks/concerns for both our safety

  • You are of age and your play will be risk aware & consensual

  • Disparaging remarks towards other women, be it in your personal life or in the community, will not be tolerated

  • You are welcome to provide gratuity, gifts or thank you letters

Some items to consider leading up to your booking are your boundaries/hard limits, whether you are allowed marks, your personal hygiene and what you would most like to get out of your experience​.

I look forward to playing

XO, Mistress Ophelia Margaux



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