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sub a's experience

I had been serving Mistress Ophelia Margaux remotely a year before our session. My feeling at the time before approaching her dungeon was a mix of anxiousness and excitement. After knocking, the anticipation was unreal, my heart was in my throat. Then she answered the door. 


It was hard for me not to be overwhelmed with awe when being in Her presence for the first time. She wore a beautiful green robe with a fur collar. She was wearing leather gloves that went up into Her sleeves and high heeled boots. 


We had some tea to ease into the session. We discussed some of the session interests I had proposed, and some possible things we’d explore. She took down some notes, and it was very professional. As someone who typically scripts out scenarios in my head and executes them accordingly, I was impressed--I could see she was dynamically crafting our session and was putting it together in real time, building upon our correspondences for the session. Then we began. 


After kneeling before Her and Her securing a leather collar around my neck, I began to experience subspace. Learning Her High Protocol positions was first on the list. It was not something that I practiced beforehand, but I had to learn quickly! I now understood how important they are to Her session, a ritual to put the body, mind and spirit of the submissive further into subspace. I don’t think that the subsequent stations would have the same impact on me had they been skipped. Now, onto corporal punishment. 


She bound me at the St. Andrew’s cross by my wrists. I got to experience a variety of floggers. She was very skilled! She could tell I was very tense, and used a heavy flogger on me. The thudding of it was very magical, perhaps my favorite of the session. Then seductively, she whispered in my ear “it can be good for opening up the tension, and your heart”. I was taken to a new level of submission. Then we moved onto Her worship throne. 


I had expressed interest in leather glove and boot worship prior to the session. The moment was now! Mistress Ophelia guided me along the way, not too coercive and not too lenient, just in a perfect middle path. To my surprise, the pinnacle of this episode was not the worship of the gloves and boots themselves, but the Goddess wearing them, and She invited me in. I was permitted to slowly remove her boots and feel, inhale, massage the aroma of her sweaty feet. So perfect after being in boots and with wonderful fishnet stockings, I was in heaven.  

The final episode of our session incorporated one of my favorites, financial domination, and some surprise--trampling and facesitting! I love Mistress Ophelia’s figure and weight. Being trampled by her in stockinged feet put just the right amount of pressure on me. I felt like I was totally humiliated, being beneath her. What made the finale more exciting was the sensory deprivation from the leather hood in the previous episode. All I could see was blackness, and the wonderful leather aroma. I was completely in her control. The most enjoyable part of the face sitting was when she teased me, not being able to see her perfect derriere, as I was completely enslaved by it. She went over to my wallet and then sat on my chest. Still in the leather hood, she began toying with me, asking me to guess how much She would take. Of course I said ‘take it all’.           


Finally we were approaching the end of our session. Mistress Ophelia wanted to make sure I remembered the Gorean/High Protocol positions, this time spraying me with a water spray bottle She uses for her cat! It was very cute and a nice humiliating touch as a punishment. The aftercare was pleasant. Mistress Ophelia eased me back to reality over another cup of tea. 




Mistress Ophelia is a truly breathtaking Domme that will guide you in an intimate journey of your mind, body, and soul. She was very accommodating to my requests, integrated them with Her protocols, and left some room for some creative exploration. She led our session with professionalism and grace. As a novice, I was looking for someone to fully trust, lay myself bare, and lead me into subspace--She is unparalleled!   

-sub a

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